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David Kamil Kolek aka DJ KayDeKay is the founder of the music label Hypnotized Movementz. Born on 13.05.1987 in Poland in the city of Tichau(Tychy), parents then decided to move to Germany in 1989 with the children. David Kamil attended primary school and secondary school in Grafenwöhr.

In the younger age David Kamil developed the passion of DJ DMC Competition he was so fascinated what you can do with the music. He loved the different style types what a DJ created for techniques on a vinyl record. He knew you can generate everything with music and wanted also to make something like the big top DJ s, his biggest role model was and is the one and only DJ Qbert.DJ Qbert is the Bruce Lee from the DJ s.

David Kamil couldn't afford turntables with his 8 years so he continued to look the DJ DMC Competition videos and dreamed someday be able to afford this and finally get started.

7 years later David Kamil was then 15 years it happened his father gave David a complete DJ system.

Now there was at that time no Digital Vinyl's and so the whole first and second apprentice salary went every month to the normal Vinyl's (records) it was not cheap, then a record of Lethal Weapon, Top Secret or AV8 Records with eight songs per record cost between 15 and 40 German marks converted to today between seven to twenty euros.with seventeen years, David Kamil met a boy who is also a DJ and music producer and worked for AV8 Records New York. He showed David Kamil the right mixing techniques of Pro DJ, but each DJ develop its own feeling, no DJ is same.

After two months, then the first right Scratch style and mixing technique.

David Kamil watched his DJ friend how it works to create own mixtapes and remix on the PC computer with the Magix Samplitude program. Couple years later, the ways parted of the two DJ friends and each went his own way. David Kamil learned over time more and more rapidly to mix and produce. Now he needed a DJ name, was found quickly the first letters of his name Kamil David Kolek (KDK), DJ to it and there was DJ KayDeKay.

Over the years KayDeKay reached then some of his goals.

He worked for the U.S. record label AV8 Records New York, since April 2016 DJ KayDeKay works for Extreme Remixes and since September 2016 for 9inchremix.

Today he produces Mixtapes remix and almost all genre of music in beats like Hip Hop RnB-Dubstep-House Trap and many more.


DJ KayDeKay his biggest goal in life is to make people happy and to hypnotize the world.

So he gave his label the name Hypnotized Movementz.


Hypnotized Movementz beats for sale going to have in 2016 some services benefits for DJ's and musicians.


In addition, also offer free Beats Mixtapes and Remix.


The Hypnotized Movementz Music Label is located in Germany.


- DJ

- Remix

- Mixtapes

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- Instrumentals

- all Musicstyles


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Under music stream are different mix are streamed through Mixcloud the songs are mixed by DJ KayDeKay.


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The remixes are produced and mixed by DJ KayDeKay official DJ of Extreme Remixes and 9InchRemix.


Hot Remixes several musical genres.


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